Abzar Teb Pouya

Medical Equipment

About the Company

Abzar Teb Pouya is a registered company in and manufacturing Ophthalmic Medical devices and various type of Drugs in Iran.

This company with high qualified and experienced staff , engineers and doctors in the field of ophthalmology drugs and related ophthalmic products caused that this company achieve to a great accomplishments in this business and has become one of leading supplier of ISO ,FDA and CE certified ophthalmic products such as PMMA , Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic Acrylic Foldable lenses, injector/cartridges, Viscoelastics(HPMC&HA), surgical knives, CTR, Iris retractors, Trypan Blue, Carbachol and all other cataract set and surgical instruments.


Full list of products: www.abzartebpouya.com

PDF Catalogue: www.abzartebpouya.com/images/ATP2016-17.pdf

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Website: www.abzartebpouya.com