Acam Madar Asan Ltd. Co.


About the Company

The ACAM MADAR ASAN Ltd. Co. is the first producer of ultrasonic flow meter that was founded in 2018 according to academic resume with its creators and inventors that was created in field of making of smart ultrasonic flow meter. This company is based on principle sciences and its goals are progressing in industrial Independence from Europe and Western Union. Existence of Iranian scientist in this company and its creators that was graduated in the best industrial university efforts the best for reaching the company's goals.

The ACAM MADAR ASAN products are based on three valuable principles. The first one is research and developments and the second one is the distinguish after sales services and the third one is friendship between company and its customers that it tries to get customer satisfactions in best scientific and marketing methods


Ultrasonic Digital Flow Meter

Smart digital Pressure Meter

Smart Infra-Red Auto faucet


ISO10004:2018 (BQS) – ISO45001:2018 (BQS) – CE (BQS)

Contact info

Participant: Ashkan Shafiee - CEO

Website: acammadar.ir/en/

Email: ashkan.shafiee.sut@gmail.com