Ard Azma lian Engineering Co.

Food Industry

About the Company

SPT group was founded in 2012, by Dr. Seyed Ahmad Heydari and is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment and measurement device for wheat flour and dough in Iran. Mr. Heydari , had established Ard Azma Lian company for testing the quality of raw materials as well as for the development and optimization of products, formulations, methods, and processes in the cereal industry. our products include Gluten washer, Gluten index, Falling number, Sedimentation, Laboratory Mill Machine, Texture Analyzer Device, Extensograph, Farinograph, Moisture analyzer, NIR,.... our services consist of Consulting in the field of design and improvement of production lines of cereal industries, repair, service and caliber of laboratory equipment of cereal industries.

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

We are looking forward to companies that are working in the Cereal industry such as flour mills, bread companies, confectionaries industries, pasta producers, cake and biscuit companies, and any other factories which use wheat and wheat flour as raw materials. all laboratories that are measure food quality in public or private section can be our customers too.


ISO 9001:2015, CE

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Participant: SeyedAhmad Esmaeili Heydari - CEO

Website: ardazmalian.com

WhatsApp Number: +989123128221

Email: info@ardazma.com