Asian Medicinal Plants Tissue Culture Knowledge Company

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About the Company

1- The largest plant tissue culture center in the country in terms of variety and quantity of production.
2- The first technology transfer center for new agricultural technologies to universities and private centers inside the country and abroad
3- The first strengthens and training center of rose flower in Iran
4- Establishment of Mohammadi Rose Flower Museum in Iran
5- Enjoying a well-equipped tissue culture laboratory
6- Enjoying hydroponic greenhouses
7- Manufacturer of tissue culture for medicinal plants
8- The only exclusive and commercial producer of Mohammadi Rose Flower tissue culture in Iran
9- Manufacturer of tissue culture of all vegetative rootstocks of seeded and drupe fruits such as GF, GN, Gazilla, Pirodowarf, Hawthorn, Maxma, etc, which is produced in order to meet the needs of nurseries and gardeners in the country.
10- Producer of tissue culture of ornamental flowers such as roses, orchids, gerberas, etc., which is produced in order to meet the needs of greenhouse owners of the country, it is worth mentioning that the said bases were previously imported from abroad with high cost in foreign exchange.
11- Exclusive manufacturer of drought resistant bases
12- The only producer of base of vegetative rootstocks like Dog-rose (Nastaran), which is the ideal base for ornamental flower grafting.
13- Production of two million seedlings per year
14- Provider of plan for the producer of roses base in the country.
15- Manufacturer of cut roses flowers
16- Having Research Center for conducting centralized research activities on bases resistant to salinity
17- Creating employment for more than 70 personnel directly
18- The party to the contract with the Pistachio Research Institute of the country in terms of reproduction of rootstocks resistant to live and non-living strains
19- Reproduction of tissue culture of Majhool Persimmon
20- Publication of Greenhouse Owners Magazine
21- The party to the contract with Imam Khomeini Higher Education Center for scientific cooperation and Educational


1- Those Interested in establishing a tissue culture laboratory
2- Buyers of fruitful and non-fruitful seedlings
3- Activists in the field of wool and woolen yarn
4-Production of 100% wool machine made tufted carpets and rugs

Contact info

Participant: Iraj Rastegar - Managing Director

Website: www.rastegarbiotech.com/en/

Telephone number (Company): +9821-56577151

Email: i.rastegar@yahoo.com