Basparsazan Iranian (BASA Polymer)

Resin Flooring

About the Company

BASA Polymer is a Specialist Manufacturer and Supplier of Resin-based Flooring Material and came to the Global Marketplace in 2011.
As an International Flooring Business, BASA Polymer is committed to a Uniform-Quality Management System compliant with EN ISO 9001:2015. The Test Report, Technical Data Sheet, and User Manual would be provided for each product upon the placement of an order.

• BASA Polymer products are Rigidly Tested to ensure every one of our products meets Recognized Independent Standards
• BASA Polymer’s Highly-Experienced and Well-Trained Staff support our Customers and Partners Worldwide
• BASA Polymer offers Expert Advice on the Specification and Installation of ALL our Products
• BASA Polymer offers After-sales Service to ensure complete Customer Satisfaction AT ALL TIMES

BASADUR® represents a range of High-Quality Products used to install resin-based flooring systems. BASADUR® products have been installed over more than 1,500,000 sqm in different sectors of industry.
The three main categories of these products are -

• BASADUR®-E (Epoxy)
• BASADUR®-U (Polyurethane)

A range of Primers, Base Coats, Self-levelling Floorings, Clear Coats, and Floor Coatings, are available in each of these three categories. At the time of installation, and dependent on the requirements of the final application of the flooring, our experienced staff will advise you on the correct combination of these products.


Epoxy Floor Coating:

• Solvent-free Primer
• Self-levelling Floor Coating
• Semi-matt/High-Gloss Clear/Pigmented Coatings
• Anti-static Floor Coating

Polyurethane Floor Coating:

• Solvent-free Primer
• Self-levelling Floor Coating
• Clear and Pigmented Floor Coatings

Contact info

Participant: Mohammad Ronagh Baghbani - Business Development Manager

Website: en.basapolymer.com

Email: info@basapolymer.com