Danesh Pharma


About the Company

Toseeh Darousazi Danesh Company is a knowledge-based company in the field of pharmacy. This company was established in 2008 on a land with an area of 1000 square meters. Gradually, with the creation of the development plan, the area increased to 2500 square meters.

By creating a development plan and changing the use from a research scale to a production scale, the company currently includes several divisions for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API). According to the main goals of the company, which include the synthesis of specific Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API) and the formulation of new drugs, its various departments include quality control laboratory, synthesis research laboratory, laboratory-scale production, semi-industrial and industrial scale, quality assurance, technical and engineering, the formulation and warehouse departments are equipped to achieve the excellent goals of the company. In addition, by employing the best experts in the synthesis of the latest active pharmaceutical ingredients and also the formulation of these drugs, an important step in the field of localization of the production of special drugs in order to cut the dependence of the country and prevent the outflow of currency to supply the drugs needed by special patients is and will be taken.

The company is based on synthesis and formulation research. This company in 1394 AH (2015) succeeded in receiving the certificate of nascent knowledge base and in 1396 AH (2017) succeeded in receiving the certificate of production knowledge base of type one. The field of activity of the company is specific and strategic diseases such as thalassemia, cancer, hepatitis C, MS, cystic fibrosis, metabolic diseases, tyrosine ammonia and specific diseases of pulmonary artery hypertension (PAH), which through continuous research, succeeded in discovering and producing drugs for treatment.