Investment Fund

About the Company

Export Development and Technology Transfer Fund is a private finance institution with the aim of developing financial services and investment in area of knowledge based products export and advanced technology transfer, which has established in 2016 with support of Presidential Deputy of Science and Technology and cooperation of foreign commercial and investment companies.

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

In order to encourage and support knowledge based companies to attend foreign exhibitions as well as dispatching board of technology to other countries for developing technical, economical and commercial relationships, the Fund considered to give facilities at low interest rate.

Terms :
Knowledge based company should have ERA (Export Readiness Assessment) rank.
Company’s scope of work should be related to the exhibition.
Facility ceiling: utmost 70% of trip cost up to 200 million Rials for each company.
Interest rate: 4% mortgage interest rate
Payment: in one stage
Repayment period: 6 month
Collaterals: according to credit rating of company and board of directors.

Contact info

Participant: Mohammad Amin Sadat Akhavi - Evaluation Expert

Website: etdf.ir

WhatsApp Number: +989125704296

Email: etdf.evaluation@gmail.com