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About the Company

HAMED HIGH-TECHs Company (HHTCO) is one of the most successful and active industrial knowledge based companies in the middle-east, established by a group of scientific and industrial elites in 2005 and located at East Azarbaijan Science and Technology Park (EASTP) in IRAN as the pioneer designer and manufacturer of smart medical equipment and industrial machinery. Thanks to our patented technologies and technical know-how, in the meantime we have become one of the leading manufacturers of multifunctional and fully automatic smart cold plasma sterilizers with hydrogen peroxide
as well as specific Nano- materials. HHTCO has a very innovative and flexible R&D sector beside its separated unique industrial design center that are collaborating with marketing and customer relations department. This assures ultimate customer satisfaction beside development of high quality and cutting edge practical technologies for the new markets. When we claim to produce the ultimate quality products, we do not slogan. Since very first day of our activity, achieving to ultimate quality for our products and services was one of HHTCOs’ strategic goals and in the meantime it is one of our key competitive advantage in the market. To reach this goal, we’ve tried hard to be an ISO9001-2015, ISO10004:2018 certified company and receive world class standards such as CE for all series of our products and the sub systems.

Quality of our products is no accident. We care about quality from the first steps of designing up to delivering the product to our valuable customers. Using high quality raw materials beside advance manufacturing processes with online quality control systems assures the ultimate quality. For us, selling a product is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a commitment. Real and quick after sales services such as just in time spare part supply, offering free machine operating training courses, offering free 24-7 consultation services for operators are some of the services we proud to offer to our valuable customers making them comfortable and satisfied while using our products.

We proudly offer 12 mounts warranty for all our products.

Reasonable price, Top quality, Real effective and quick after sales services, Durability of products, Availability of spare parts, Comprehensive training and consultations, Economic performance of the products and High reliability of our products in harsh working conditions are some of the reasons that why our valuable costumers choose to invest their found in our products.

Objectives we seek

All Hospitals, Clinics, Organizations, Companies and Contractors related to healthcare that use sterilizers.


ISO9001:2015, ISO:10004:2018, CE

Contact info

Participant: Hamed Malekizadeh -  Chair of the Board

Website: hhtco.ir

WhatsApp Number: +989142556090

Email: info@hhtco.ir