IHIT – Russia (Iran’s House of Innovation and Technology in Russia)


About the Company

"Creating the export infrastructure of knowledge-based, creative and technological companies" and "Cooperation with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, especially with the Russian Federation" became the reason for the creation of the Iran House of Innovation and Technology in Russia with the support of the Biotechnology Investment Fund and the Center for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation under the Vice-Presidency of  Iran for Science and Technology. This House is located on 174 square meters of allocated space and is located in one of the commercial areas of Moscow. This complex provides several separate spaces with special facilities to provide companies with various services.

The creation of the Iran House of Innovation and Technology in the Russian Federation, which has significant economic potential might be one of the best mechanisms for the development of trade in goods and services of companies in both countries. The presence of knowledge-based, creative and technological companies, as well as their activities in such a place, will lead to the success of companies in achieving goals and further expanding values in the international arena.

Objectives we seek

Since our company has a diverse portfolio of products in the field of medical equipment and agricultural equipment, we need companies that operate in this field.

Medical companies such as distributers of nurse calling systems, care equipment for the elderly and Parkinson's patients, laboratory and test equipment, diagnostic kits, women's health products, and addiction medicine are what we need.

Also, according to the portfolio of agricultural products that we have, buyers and distributers from this range can be a good option for us. Companies in the field of agriculture, such as producers of all kinds of fertilizers and drops and livestock and poultry supplements, are suitable for negotiation.

Contact info

Participant: Hassan Ghasemi - Director

Website: ihit-ru.com

WhatsApp Number: +989127398478

Email: ghasemi@ihit-ru.com