Mana Madan Noavari Andisheh


About the Company

Mana VC is one of the leading Venture Capital Investment entities in Iran and is considered the first Iranian mining sector VC. The company is profiting from a very effective network of private companies, successful startup companies, governmental organizations and highly skilled experts and mentors.

The Firm also supplies fund to startups and emerging companies which have deemed to have high growth potential. Mana is active in all layers of value creation from forming ideas up to developing mature businesses. Innovation, value creation and profitability are fundamentals of Mana’s philosophy to develop its network in all aspects.


Products Name Advanced pneumatic flotation cells
Intelligent drill core scanner for structuring and evaluating drill cores
Intelligent underground resource identification system
Lidar 3D laser scanning drone
RTLS Indoor positioning and tracking system
Accident-based scenario prediction system on oil rigs based on augmented reality technology
Extraction of precious metals from E-Waste

Contact info

Participant: Ardalan Alishahi – Investment Director

Website: www.manavc.ir

Email: a.alishahi@manavc.ir - ardalanalishahi1375@gmail.com