Nano Tech Fam Giti

Nanotechnology Paints and Coatings

About the Company

Nano tech fam Giti (NTF) Co., Nanotechnology Company Registered No. 539417 in Tehran, Manufacturer of Nanotechnology Paint and Coatings, equipped with Research and Development Laboratory, holds 10 Patents Certificate in Nanotechnology Coatings in the Country and 3pct World Patent, Approval of Domestic and Foreign Laboratories Various, a member of Iran's oil industry supplier, is located in an area of over 10 thousand square meters in Tehran.

We produce high-technology/environmental friendly paints/coatings like thermal insulation, and rust convertor primer.

The benefits of these coating are the high-performance, providing a protective coating against moisture and corrosion, cost-effective and environmental-friendly. The company has exported knowledge and product to China, Canada, Oman, Austria, Iraq and Azerbaijan. More than 100 projects including: Zargan (Shahid Modhej) Ahwaz Power Plant, Mapsa Kish, Keystone Kish, Jikawa, Khorasan Razavi Power Distribution Company, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Pars Hormozan Bushehr, Azar Bajan Steel, numerous residential projects in Kish Island Iran, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Neka Power Plant, Qazvin Sina Machine, Modern Paper of Yazd, Multiple Refineries, Oil Platform, Drilling Companies, etc. in Iran and has many ongoing projects.


Ecological thermal insulation water borne coating (NF320-L)
Nanozinca-100 APC single-component protective coating
PARLA and ARKA (Rust Convertor)


ISO 45001, ISO 9001

Contact info

Participant: Eiman Alibakhshi - CEO

Website: nanotechfam.com

Telephone number (Company): +982144981346

Email: eiman_alibakhshi@yahoo.com