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About the Company

NEW Agro Company has made a great and tremendous achievement in hydroponic greenhouses of Aras, Jolfa free zones in terms of increase in tonnage and production of organic products, being a confirmation of healthy products and a license for exportation of harvested products to Russia, which is one of the honors of this company With all its international standards and ISO certificates, fertilizer registration certificate from the Soil and Water Institute of Iran, New Agro Company is ready to supply all its products all over the world.

Our company has developed all biological products (stimulants and root booster products) NPK- Kalat (Fruit Set)-pre plant and fertilizer of all orchards and bed farms of hydroponic greenhouses-organic inhibitor fertilizer (Kitovagrosens) for the first time in Iran and the world- all humic fertilizers, substitute for urea chemical fertilizers (agromic), high nitrogen with humic compounds. Due to the fact that New Agro company has a unique product to control pests and diseases in an organic manner, and this important property has been proved in all treatment and evidence samples sent to all parts of the country in non-fertile and fertile plants and trees, thus we declares our complete readiness to cooperate with your esteemed company

Objectives we seek

Main agriculture and industries which related to agriculture, fertilizer distributors, UZ kimia sanat, UZ representatives of exchange


ISO 22301:2012, Bio inspecta

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Participant: Mahdieh Rezaei - CEO

Website: newagroco.com/en

WhatsApp Number: +989122719884

Email: mhd.rezaeein1993@gmail.com