Pooyandegan Rah Saadat


About the Company

Iranian syndicate of medical equipment exports was established in 2010. Members are all reputed companies which enjoy satisfying a significant percentage of the local market requirements. their distinct position has been gained through years of supplying the market with high quality products and offering excellent after sales service. the member companies are also very active in exporting their products to many countries. patient monitors, B9, Zagros, ICU Ventilator, Electrocardiograph

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

SAADAT main field of activity is designing and manufacturing patient monitors, Central System, ICU Ventilator, Electrocardiograph

Contact info

Participant: Mohsen Shayanarani - Deputy of sales & commerce member of the board

Website: saadatco.com

WhatsApp Number: +989121716652

Email: shayan@saadatco.com