R.R.A Co.

Agricultural Input and Machinery

About the Company

We are the manufacturer of more than 200 types of knowledge-based products in the field of electro-optics, optomechanics, laser, electronics, telecommunications and X-ray, Such as:
Types of thermal cameras: for monitoring diseases and animal health; Environmental monitoring to prevent fire or the entry of invading animals
Types of stabilized platforms: for aerial photography and landscaping
Types of telecommunication links: to send video, audio and data
Portable X-ray machine: for diagnosing animal diseases

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

Our products are used in the following businesses:
- Health and prevention of livestock and poultry diseases
- Productivity and increase the efficiency of livestock and poultry
- Monitoring and control of pests and fires in agricultural lands and natural resources
- Environmental Protection


CE, IEC61010, ISO9001

Contact info

Participant: Hamid Haeri - Commercial Deputy

Website: ariotek.ir

WhatsApp Number: +989123386379

Email: tadbir2010@gmail.com