SinaClon (Tehran Cavosh Clon)


About the Company

SinaClon (Tehran Cavosh Clon) is a Science oriented and knowledge-based Company, established over a decade ago as one of the first manufacturers and providers of molecular biology reagents, enzymes & PCR Kits around the Country and region. Our Services proudly cover most aspects of molecular biology e.g. oligo synthesis, Polymerase and reverse transcription enzymes, nucleic acid extraction kits from different sources as well as modifying and restriction enzymes.
Our services and Products are:
• Primer and Probe Synthesize
• Nucleic Acid Extraction & Purification kits
• Reverse Transcriptase and cDNA synthesis Kit
• Real-Time and qRT PCR master mixes
• Polymerase, Modifying & Restriction Enzymes
• PCR buffers and reagents
• Qualitative PCR Detection Kits (RUO)
• Quantitative Real Time PCR Kits (RUO)
• Ladder & Protein Markers

Meanwhile in collaboration and merging with LivoGen Pharmed Co. our capabilities broadly expanded as one the potent quality control service provider for Biotechnological and Biopharmaceutical Companies in full compliance with GLP standards.

Our services include:

• Cell Bank Characterization
• Virus Clearance Study
• Quantitative/Qualitative Determination of biological contamination
• Host Cell DNA Contamination Detection
• Sequencing And Big Data Analysis
• Protein Structural Analysis& Protein Engineering.


Products Name Primer & Probe synthesize
DNA&RNA Extraction & Purification kits
cDNA Synthesis Kit
HCD Detection & Extraction Kits
Covid-19 Detection kit
M- MuLV Reverse Transcriptase
Bank Caractrization services (Mamalian, Microbial, Virus, Insect)
MC/LC-MC Services


ISO 13485-201 and ISO 9001-2008

Contact info

Participant: Alireza Azizi - Managing Director

Telephone number (Company): +9821-86126137

Website: sinaclon.ir

Email: azizi@sinaclon.com