Agricultural Input and Machinery

About the Company

Parvaz Yaran-e Sirang Co., Ltd. is a professional and leading drone agricultural sprayer manufacturer located in Iran. Since 2018, Sirang has focused on the research & development of sprayer drones and UAV application solutions. Our sprayer drones, spreading drones, fogger drones, and biological control drones are widely used in agricultural spraying, seeding, pest control, and public disinfection. After several years of development, we have expertly designed 10lt, 16lt, 20lt, 30lt capacity sprayer drones. We can produce approximately 100 drones per month. Our drones can fly fully automatically and spray intelligently. They provide protection from low battery, fail-safe, and obstacle detection functions to ensure flight safety.

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

1- Large scale farmers
2- Agri- Machine manufacturer
3- Import & Export companies
4- Agri - services providers


ISO 10004:2018

Contact info

Participant: Hadi Sharifian - CEO

Website: www.siranguav.ir

WhatsApp Number: +989121869975

Email: hadisharifian2002@gmail.com