Touba Green Chemical Company

Agricultural Input and Machinery

About the Company

Touba company was established in 2015 with the support of 30 years of research and scientific experience on micronutrient fertilizers and specifically sequestrene chelated iron fertilizer
And in 2016 for the first time in Iran, we succeed in acquiring the technology of producing sequestrene chelated iron fertilizer
This company is currently continuing research on the different chelates such as EDHHSAM, EDDHSA, EDDHA, HBED, EDTA, ... and simultaneously is producing a variety of iron chelate fertilizers with a capacity of 3 tons per day.

the other micronutrient fertilizers such as zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, calcium,mix of all micronutrients and other general and customized fertilizer are also among the products of this company, which are produced and packaged according to customers' orders.

This knowledge-based collection is currently proud to work with a group of researchers and graduates of Iran's top universities such as Tehran, Sharif, etc. with a variety of specialties in the fields of agriculture, organic and inorganic chemistry, soil science, etc.

Objectives we seek

Agro-industry companies, fertilizer producers, fertilizer retailers, fertilizer distributer companies

Contact info

Participant: Keyvan Nasirian - Sale & Marketing Manager

Website: toubafert.ir

WhatsApp Number: +989122390312

Email: nasirian@toubafert.ir