Vira Zist Pak Caspian


About the Company

Our company work on the field of manufacturing medical equipment and medical home care , our products include Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in wall and standing models, Humidifier , disinfection gate and card disinfection. we produced and marketed a large number of devices to increase hand hygiene, the most important contract of our company was about 400 disinfection devices for the UNICEF organization. our aim is increasing the level of healthcare and hand hygiene. Furthermore we work on Aromatherapy with Humidifier. And last but not least we have a community of healthcare staff that work on home care and digital health...

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

I like to meet some companies that work in producing medical equipment and device and medical equipment sellers for cooperation in sales and export our medical products in Uzbekistan. Also I am interested in meeting Uzbek traders and importers which like medical devices...

Contact info


Website: nipakmed.com

WhatsApp Number: +989305298455

Email: nipakmed@gmail.com