Zist Polymer Sharif


About the Company

comprehensive array of polymeric blends and composites upgraded with engineering additives and modifiers and filled with micro and Nano species , build the product portfolio of Zist polymer sharif.
Bio plastics from Zist polymer sharif are answers for the business feeling responsibility in their society across the globe and seek a sustainable future.

it is also vital to mention that compostable materials offer environmental benefits in the end of life phase, which lead to lower ecological footprint of the plastics

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

the raw materials are designed for producing packaging and agriculture films like:
plastic producer companies as : shopping bags, garbage bags, disposable tablecloth , biodegradable flower pots,
disposable plates and cutleries, mulch films,



Contact info

Participant: Majid Zokaei - CEO

Website: zistpolymer.com

WhatsApp Number: +989121074363

Email: mzokaei@parsapolymer.com