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About Kelaterin

Azma Roshd Biochemistry Company (Kelaterin Brand) is a Knowledge-Based Company with more than a decade of activity, since 2010. This company has entered the field of technical knowledge production and industrial production of fertilizers and agricultural enhancers with the aim of creating new technologies in agriculture and succeeded in creating unique formulas and technologies in a short time which in turn is the most unique and exclusive which is incomparable to its similar products. The Kelaterin collection has the ability to produce one thousand liters of product daily by using 25 automatic machines and experienced manpower.

Kelaterin Company is able to control and treat plant pests and diseases without consuming even a single drop of poison by using its special technologies and formulas, and also protects plants against various environmental tensions such as salinity, dehydration, cold and air heat, deficiency, and excess of macro and microelements and the onslaught of pests and diseases. Kelaterin can eliminate the crisis from the surface of orchards and farms and quickly remove the crisis and tensions from the surface of orchards, farms, and forests and turn them into unique gardens and farms.

Kelaterin technologies and products are very complete and comprehensive and cover all aspects, including soil-structure reform, root remediation, pest and soil disease control, pest control and airborne disease, metabolism and cellular metabolism regulation, plant growth increase, plant fertility increase, increase plant resistance to environmental tensions and adverse factors.

Kelaterin technology is the only set that can eliminate the stress caused by pests and plant diseases completely and effectively; especially viral and quasi-viral plant diseases. Moreover, Gardeners and farmers, who use Kelaterin technology, will obtain organic certification for their crops and horticulture.


Avira Anti-stress:
This is our unique and extraordinary product which improves plant ability to resist biotic stressors via stimulating, regulating, activating and boosting multiple defense mechanisms such as wax, protease, secondary metabolites, etc., in plant cells. Besides, it contains specific volatiles which can act like Herbivore Induced Plant Volatiles and repels plant pests and pathogens from the plant.

Three Kelaterin products including Anti-salinity (Exsalter), Rotex package and Fermentase:
These three products are guaranteed to give the following spectacular results:
• Improve soil structure, pH and EC modification
• Help the soil to retain moisture
• Reduce water loss and increase root growth
• Consistent release of nutrients
• Increase chloroform contents and enzymes metabolisms
• improve plant ability to resist abiotic stressors
Kelaterin Ten elements:
Release a rich array of nutrients consistently and accurately, and improves plant metabolism efficiency.

Kelaterin Fruit set:
Helps to increase and maintain vegetative and reproductive buds.

Kelaterin Adjuvant: Helps to spread evenly and complete coverage of the foliar applied products on plant.
Kelaterin Macro & Micro Chelate fertilizers: Nitrogen %25, Phosphorus %20, Potassium %40;
And Iron %6, Zinc %7, Calcium % 11
These products provide nutrients needs of plants conveniently.

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

To interact with the agricultural ecosystem, including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Innovation Organization of Uzbekistan
With companies producing and distributing fertilizers and pesticides and active holdings in agriculture and greenhouse owners and ranchers



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