Zistyar Masoo Mazandaran


About the Company

Zistyar Masoo Mazandaran company establish in 2017 at Mazandaran Science and Technology Park, we are busy to produce novel things for animal and aquaculture feed, specially poultry. the owner of the company was ex-researcher in Oregon State University (OSU) of united state.
we produce both pellet feed and concentrate that improved feed efficiency, however a broiler will be 2.500-2.700Kg whit 1.56-1.7 feed conversion ratio (FCR) at 42d.

Objectives sought in Uzbekistan

our field of activity is in poultry feed. we are looking for
1-poultry feed mill factories to introduce our Concentrate ,
2- poultry farmers for both Pellet feed and Concentrate.
3- poultry integration complex for both pellet feed and Concentrate.

Contact info

Participant: Mohammad Hossein Beheshti Moghadam - CEO and Owner

Website: zistyarmasoo.com

WhatsApp Number: +989120782679

Email: beheshti.mh83@yahoo.com