Uzbekistan-Iran Science and Innovation Forum

B2B Event

  • July 20, 2022
  • Tashkent


The Iranian trade and technological delegation composed of hi-tech companies active in the fields of Agricultural bio pesticides, fertilizers and machinery, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and vaccines, animal feed supplements, birds and aquatic animals and food industry along with high-ranking officials of the field of science and technology will be in Tashkent from 19th-21th July, 2022 on an official visit upon an invitation by the Uzbek government.

Given the deep and strong trade relations between the two friendly countries and the emphasis of the officials of Iran and Uzbekistan on strategic and grand policies, the two sides have put further expansion of trade and technological ties on their agenda with emphasizes on knowledge based products.

Therefore, taking such opportunities as technological exchanges, defining joint ventures, investment and providing necessary goods and needs in different fields as well as expansion of exports and imports in regard to the facilitation of transferring products and financial payments between Iran and Uzbekistan are all objectives that will be seriously pursued by the Iranian delegation and those working in the Uzbek market.

The event is a key step that will pave the way for B2B sessions on July 20, 2022 between Iranian delegations visiting Tashkent and Uzbekistan’s unions and associations as well as commercial, manufacturing and distributing companies. So you are invited by the Iranian and Uzbek governments to attend the forum.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has many capabilities in the field of technical-engineering services, and can export worth 40 billion dollars in this field. CIS countries, especially Uzbekistan, have great perspectives to supply their energy demands by renewable sources and leaning on technology and experiences of Iranian companies would be beneficial for both sides. Also there are lots of Iranian knowledge-based companies in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, civil engineering, construction, road building.

Iranian firms can offer their services to the Uzbeks with affordable prices and acceptable qualities.

In the field of medicine and biotechnology, Iran currently produces 98 percent of its medicinal needs domestically and has this advanced technology, while Iranian pharmaceuticals is exporting to Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria and other Latin America countries.

Iran ranks first in West Asia in the field of biotechnology, especially in the production of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory medications, where it is completely self-sufficient. Therefore, there is this high potential to transfer technology for joint production or exporting.

As for agricultural biotechnology, Iran can produce a variety of biotechnological fertilizers, pesticides and hybrid seeds. And also, in breeding and germplasm, Iranian institutes have high capabilities for technology transfer and joint research.

The areas of breeding and producing hybrid seeds of cotton and sugar beet are ones where Iranian technology firms are very well active, and are highly prepared to meet Uzbekistan’s demands.

Presence in this event is free of charge. Our colleagues will contact you based on your area of activity once you have filled in the form and will arrange your meetings for the day of the event on July 20.

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Opening Ceremony

Uzbekistan-Iran Science And Innovation Forum

High-ranking officials from the two countries in attendance, followed by speeches


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A big step in Iran-Uzbekistan ties in the filed of Science and Technology

Explore exceptional capacities of Iran’s companies in Livestock and Agriculture. They are here to share the technology aimed at meeting your requirements.

Find your business partners List of Iranian companies attending the event

R.R.A Co.

Agricultural Input and Machinery

Zist Shimi Azma Roshd

Agricultural Input and Machinery

Touba Green Chemical Company

Agricultural Input and Machinery


Agricultural Input and Machinery


Agricultural Input and Machinery

Asian Medicinal Plants Tissue Culture Knowledge Company

Agricultural Input and Machinery, Health


Green Biotech

Agricultural Input and Machinery

Royan Tisan Sabz

Agricultural Input and Machinery

New Agro

Agricultural Input and Machinery


Karin Farayand Sina

Food Industry


Investment Fund

West Asia Steel

Food Industry


Chemicals, Electrical Products

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